“Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.”

That quote comes from a Roman writer who died more than 2,000 years ago, proof positive that some things never change.

Good health is indeed a blessing. And you’ve had the good sense to pick up this copy of Matters of Health, a resource that we hope will help you in your quest to lead a healthier life.

On behalf of the 22,000 independent community pharmacies represented by the National Community Pharmacists Association, I want to remind you that your community pharmacist is the most accessible healthcare professional you know. You may be thinking, Waiting a minute. Are you talking about the person who hands my pills? Yes, that’s who I’m talking about. Your pharmacist can do so much more for you. Just ask!

Community pharmacists are your neighbors. They’ve become business owners in your community because they care about helping people and building a healthy, happy community. Your pharmacists adds to the local economy, hires local residents, contributes to local organizations and pays local taxes. Your pharmacists thinks of you are more than a customer. You’re a friend and neighbor.

Community pharmacists are accessible. No need to make an appointment weeks in advance. They’re medication experts available to answer your questions and offer advice and counsel on a variety of your health-related issues.

Questions about your health plan? Not sure about the prescriptions you take and why you take them? Can’t afford your meds? Ask your pharmacist. And that’s not all. Your pharmacist is ready to assist with just about any healthcare question you might have. If you’re worried about side effects, possible drug interactions and symptoms, talk to your community pharmacist. It might save you a trip to the doctor — and possibly a trip to the hospital.

Many independent community pharmacists offer specialized services designed to help you lead a healthy life.

Ask your pharmacist about immunizations, diabetes training, weight management, smoking cessation and blood pressure monitoring. Your independent pharmacist is an integral part of your personal healthcare team, committed to you and your community, accessible and eager to help.

Need to find an independent community pharmacist for yourself, a family member or a friend? There’s a pharmacy finder on the home page of the National Community Pharmacists Association ( Visit the site, put in an address or ZIP Code and you’ll find a list of community pharmacies in your area. And share that pharmacy finder with friends and family.

Thank you for visiting your local independent pharmacy and for picking up this issue of Matters of Health. Here’s to good sense — and good health.


David M. Smith, R.Ph
National Community Pharmacists Association


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